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Grahas in signs where the sarva is between have little effect 2. Grahas in signs where the sarva is between 20 and 25 inclusive have moderate effect 3. Grahas in signs where the sarva is between 25 and 30 have a good effect 4. Grahas in signs where the sarva is over and above 30 have a very good effect.

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Note that if a graha has moderate to strong effect on the sign it is in, this also affects the signs it aspects. If the sarva is weak but the ashtakavarga of the graha of the sign it occupies is large 4 or above , then its effect on the sign will be felt.

If both the ashtakavarga of the graha and the sarva are small, then the effect is weak. If both are large, then the effect is large. If one is weak and the other strong, the graha can still have a strong influence on the sign, depending on the size of the graha ashtakavarga and sarva values. Take the above as guidelines, rather than as absolute rules. In this chart you note the following:.

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The Sarvashtakavarga chart or other ashtakavarga charts are not be used separately for reaching a conclusion. Other planetary positions and influence must also indicate problems related to father. However the Sarva-ashtakavarga is the 1 st pointer. Once that is understood you need to further investigate the house under question from several other angles. One sparrow does not make summer is the golden advice in Astrology. A beginner in Astrology will hastily conclude as soon as he or she notes down just 1 combination supporting a clue.

Please bear in mind that if you total all the points in the 12 houses you will get If you get anything more or less than that, it means that there is something wrong with the calculations. If the number in the 1 st house has a low score and if it is less than 25 then it means that the person cannot do his work or karma purpose of life without the support of others. He needs somebody to be with him all the time. These are the people who need partners. They need to wear the proper gems, do the remedies, and use the knowledge available through scientific Astrology. If the Lagna 1 st house has a very high score then such a person will love to work alone.

If it is very high the person is likely to have high ego levels and yet ideally capable of taking correct decisions without the help of others. Most of these people are successful provided other planetary positions are promising. Similarly if the 12 th house has a low score it is considered good because opportunities for loss or expense is likely to be fewer than it is for others around them.

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If the 12 th house has the lowest number then it means that the person may be a miser or does not have the mind and opportunity to spend money. If in your Sarva-Ashtakavarga the points in the 11 th house the house of gains is greater than 12 th house the house of loss it is considered good as you have more gains than loss. If the points in the 12 th house are greater than what is there on the 11 th house then it means you spend more than you earn and this may lead you into a debt trap if a good Astrologer does not warn you of this possibility.

go Many people uselessly argue that only if they have the money they can spend. In today's world of borrowing from banks and other people even without real income you can spend and soon into trouble. With regard to wealth the Sarva-ashtakavarga should be used in the following manner.

If the following 4 conditions are met with in any horoscope then such a person will easily accumulate wealth. Before you begin to check out your horoscope first note down the values in 1 st , 10 th house, 11 th house and the 12 th house. Secrets of Ashtakavarga. In this chart you note the following: Sun the karaka significator of father is in the 8 th house. The 8 th house is the 12 th house from the 9 th house luck through father Sun is the 9 th house lord rules father and it is placed in the 8 th house. Sun is under the malefic aspect of Mars, Mars looks at Sun by the 8 th house drishti aspect Sun is also under the malefic aspect of Saturn as Saturn looks by the 10 th house aspect.

So the aspect of Jupiter on Sun did not help because Jupiter is overpowered by 2 strong malefics.

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However Jupiter in the 4 th house, as the 4 th lord in the 4 th house along with Moon mother indicates that the mother will save the child etc. What else can be known from the Sarva-Ashtakavarga? In the Sarva-Ashtakavarga we need to first understand the following: Weakest house? The house that has the lowest score is weak. Weak houses?

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Less than 25 points. The total of those points will give an important age in the persons life for Jupiterian things, like wealth, children, knowledge, religion or philosophy, finding a spiritual teacher, meeting ones husband if the person in question is a woman. The second step is to add up all points from Jupiter to the Ascendant and that will also be a very important age for Jupiterian things. Then we combine all of the points we just added up and that will also be an important year for Jupiter. The ancient texts say that the ages of Saturn are the most important ages.

These are the times the person meets with many Saturnian experiences. The person will experience long term, life changing events in these years. Auspicious Directions Each planets Ashtakavarga has auspicious directions.

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For example if Venus has the most Ashtakavarga points, in Libra and Pisces, then a person will have more luck with Venusian type things like romance, the bedroom and comfort from the directions of West and SE, because Libra rules the West and Pisces rules SouthEast. When the Sun is at the farthest North, it is in Cancer and Leo, when it is farthest South, when it is coldest, it is in Capricorn and Aquarius. There is another system as well that is based upon the elements fire signs rule the East, earth signs rule the South, water signs rule the North and air signs rule the West.

The auspicious directions method can be effective when used in relationship with your home. Another example would be Jupiter having the most Ashtakavarga points in Capricorn. In this case, keeping your valuable in the South of your home would increase your wealth. Important Transits The house from the karaka is always a pertinent house. For example, Jupiter rules many. The 2nd house is wealth, the 11th house is income, the 5th house is children and the 7th house is the husband.

The 2nd house from Jupiter will be an important house for wealth. The 11th house from Jupiter will be an important house for income. The 5th house from Jupiter will be an important house for children. The 9th house from Jupiter will be an important house for knowledge. Let us say Jupiter is in Libra. So Scorpio will become an important house for wealth. However, in the Ashtakavarga system, it is a little more tricky than simply just looking at the house from the karaka.

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We must find the sensitive houses of transit for each planet. To do this, it is necessary to find something called the Yoga Pinda. It is a rather tedious process to do this by hand and most Vedic Astrological Software will calculate the yoga pinda. The method is also explained in BPHS in chapters 69 Continuing with Jupiter in Libra as our example, multiply the yoga pinda by the Ashtakavarga points in the sign from Jupiter you want to know about. If you want to know about wealth, take the Ashtakavarga points for Scorpio, the 2nd from Libra. If you want to know about children, take the Asktakavarga points for Aquarius, the 5th from Libra.

Take the total of the Ashtakavarga points multiplied by the yoga pinda and divide by The remainder is the number of the sign as counted from Aries. So any planet transiting that sign is a sensitive point when it comes to the significations of that house from the karaka. For example Jupiter has a Yoga pinda of If we want to look at the income, we take the 11th from Jupiter and Jupiter is in a sign of Libra so the 11th from it is Leo. So the 8th sign of Scorpio is a very sensitive place in respect to the income for planets to transit.

A planet is going to have some effect transiting these sensitive houses based on the method shown above. What type of effect will they have?

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It depends upon the Ashtakavarga points that the planet has in that house. Using the example above, if a planet is transiting Scorpio and we want to know if that planet will harm or help the income, we look to see how many Ashtakavarga points that transiting planet is giving the sign of Scorpio. If it is over 4 points, then the planet will give beneficial results.