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However, the strength of the yoga will also depend upon the influences of other planets over the Venus.

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If the Venus is creating Malavya yoga and is devoid of any influence of any other planet in vedic astrology horoscope, full results of Malavya Yoga will be there. If, such Venus is under benefic influence, the positive results will be more pronounced and appear in early years of life. While, if such Venus is under negative influence of malefic planets, then the positive results of Malavya yoga will not be permanent.

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In addition to this, the nature of Venus is also to be taken into consideration as per vedic astrology. If Venus is lord of positive houses in the vedic astrology horoscope, it will give extreme positive results of Malavya Yoga.

In her vedic astrology birth chart, Venus is a positive planet and the same is placed in tenth in its exaltation sign. The presence of two great Raj Yogas has blessed her with all positive aspects of both the yogas. In addition to these two yogas, there are many other Rajyogas in vedic astrology horoscope of Dr.


J. Jayalalithaa's Planetary Position

J Jayalalitha. In this vedic astrology birth chart, Venus is placed in its own zodiac sign Libra in tenth house.


Venus is conjunct with ninth lord Mercury creating another Rajyoga in vedic astrology horoscope of Sania Mirza. Exalted Mars in her ascendant is creating Ruchak Yoga.

J Jayalalitha

Sania Mirza is famous Indian Tennis player who started her tennis career in and in she was awarded with Arjuna Award by the Govt. Presence of so many great yogas, including Malavya yoga, blessed her with early success in his sport career.

Indira Gandhi. Venus is placed in Taurus zodiac sign in tenth house of his vedic astrology horoscope, has conferred almost all results of Malavya yoga present in vedic astrology horoscope of Shri R K Dhawan.

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What happened is history now and we can hear loud cheers in support of him in the next few days. But by and large the remaining population of the State is silently watching him and assessing whether Jayalalithaa is correct in having said that this is what would happen if undeserving persons are given high responsibilities.

We are already seeing such persons making headlines in the 2G case.

Vedic Astrology readings of Malavya Yoga | Venus - Birth Chart Astrology

Vijayakanth may not belong to their category, but he does belong to a category of those dreaming to become the CM, without possessing any qualification as a leader. For him there is no distinction between filmy dialogues and real life dialogues The success of his films have given him the larger than life image of himself as a Savior.

It is really dreadful to think about the future of Tamilnadu if he or the likes of him becomes the CM. Looking at his horoscope, I believe that a majority of the people of Tamilnadu are able to see the emptiness in his self-projections as a leader or as a CM stuff. His horoscope does not show him to succeed in his one point agenda in politics — that of becoming the CM.