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Zodiac sings part 1! Fire sings edition. Sorry it took so long. Also the quality is f-d up for some reason ———x——— moodboard moodboardseries zodiacmoodboard sunsignmoodboard zodiacaesthetic sunsignaesthetic sunsign astrologymoodboard astrologyaesthetic sagittariusaesthetic sagittariusmoodboard sagittarius orangeaesthetic orangemoodboard Please kill me after all those tags. I hope you like this pisces vibes Which one of the lookbooks was your favourite? Comment below! Collab with j. Do you like it Which classics would you choose? Requests are always welcomed. Pisces moodboard. I hope everyone enjoys this!

You need to make a natal chart! The one I linked will show you a circle chart that comes with a legend so you can read it. As for breaking it down I recommend using This one for beginners! And This one is more interactive. If you wanna know more try looking up the placements! Astro-library has a crash course on astrology as well if you wanna learn how to read the chart on your own.

A special thanks to Tati shoto-todoloki-a-hoe for helping me with these! If so, I use The Astro Codex , astrologicalcounselor and Canary Quill Astrology also has some good articles about appearance in astrology. Your ascendant in astrology has a lot to do with your outer appearance and while it can vary, it usually describes certain physical traits a person carries.

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For example, my ascendant is Scorpio which makes me have quite strong features. Your chart ruler is the planet that rules your whole chart. The Moon, so the chart ruler would be the Moon. Lastly, I like to look at the 1st house.

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The 1st house affects your appearance a bit aswell, if someone were to have Saturn in the 1st house, this usually gives them a stronger appearance and sharper features as oppose to Venus in the 1st house which would make them have more glamorous appearance also can make someone very attractive.

Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. I am going to try my hardest to make sure this post is grammatically correct because I know how you are.

Having a Virgo moon makes you extremely anal about your emotions. I have found many Virgo moons that will almost cross-interrogate their own emotions and examine them over and over again.

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They strive for perfection in their emotional state. This drive for perfection can bleed over into other avenues of their life depending on the other aspects that their moon has to it. Virgo moons have a need for things to be orderly and organized within their life. Sometimes, they must learn that the energy of perfection is only a concept within our mind.

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It is a metaphysical concept that focuses around the idea that everything is created in perfect accordance to everything. Everything is perfect in every way. It is only our logical mind that cannot settle for what we have in front of us and finds flaws in anything we focus on. I ask the Virgo moons to do just that and find that there is perfection in the disorder of things.

That is what is truly important for a Virgo moon to learn. They should try to integrate the belief that there is beauty in disorder and things will fall where they have to once you can put the trust into the process.

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Secondly, Virgo moons have a tendency of focusing on health and healing based modalities. I have found many Virgo moons that work in the service industry. They truly enjoy making others feel better and that is what Virgo moons are here to do. They are here to assist others with creating a life that is perfect for them. And sometimes this can mean allowing someone else to have disorder in their life to find their own way back to center. Virgo moons truly want to be of service and I have seen many of them give gifts to their friends that they know their friends could use. They are very practical thinkers.

For example, a friend that has some Virgo energy could buy a gift for a friend that is going to help them move forward. For example, if a friend is deeply invested in writing or drawing the Virgo friend could buy a gift like a sketchpad or a writing journal with prompts in it for their friend.

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This is how they show their love and appreciation for those closest to them. Hey there! I did a few post on retrograde on the masterlist if you want to check it out? It may say more about it personally! Astrologically, its a disruption! If you think about it astronomically - Pluto and all the outer planets would be slower than Earth. Reminder that the Earth is still moving as well. What the video said about ptolomy and earth-centric astrology is very interesting because I was?

But hearing it repeated really helps with solidifying our overall understanding of how it works together astrology, astronomy, history, so far! Does this make sense?? Maybe this is why faster moving planets i. A little! It means you carry a lot of similar traits, being a Leo acendant means you carry a lot of Leo charactersistics upon first impression and can make you behave similarly to a Leo.

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This draws Leo moons in because they see a lot of themselves in you. You might find yourself drawn or attracted to a lot of people who carry the same Sun or Venus sign as your ascendant. And the headcanon portion of Follower Appreciation Week is officially closed! I will try to get some more of these done tonight, but in the meantime, here is the official WIPs post for all of the astrology asks that I got!

Ya girl is gonna be able to afford to eat.

This is a tough one. I suppose reinforcement from friends and family? So I want to share this with you all. I have noticed that within the Astrology community and more commonly the regular community people are beginning to look at astrology as a this is who I am. I am a X Sun sign with a Y Moon sign and a Z Rising sign when in reality there is so much more to your chart than those things. Also, in the same way I understand that because people are beginning to appreciate astrology and begin to give it some truth that that soul searching is possible considering the actual depth that astrology can help you reach if you use it for that reason.

I feel that there is no harm that can be done. There can only be growth. I hope you all can understand where I am coming from. And with that, I am done. I love you all. Have a great night. Aries: What is something that causes you to become hyper? Then sometimes there are just random bouts of hyperness.