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Sun Opposite Saturn Actually not quite like the Square at all. According to Isabel M.

Hickey in her book, Astrology A Cosmic Science , she mentions that oppositions tend to be forces outside of ourselves, meaning the forces of other people and nature whereas a Square is an inner struggle. So with an aspect like this, the individual is likely to meet a lot of difficult people in their life.

Again, it has to do with karma; either in a past life they were like these people or in a past life they had unresolved issues with these people. Compromise and understanding is key to overcoming the outer forces. Square is a conflict that needs to be solved.

Opposition are challenges that need balance. Oppositions can also create a lot of vitality. An opposition can find balance easier than Squares. They might have greater sensitivity to their internal conflicts. The opposition focuses more on environment and being torn on how to interact with it or be comfortable in it.

With the Square there was excess energy and aggression. With the opposition an inner heat is being shared due to the struggles of the Sun-Mars. Aries-Libra can struggle with honesty vs. Aquarius-Leo may give into sharing grandiose visions, big stories, put on an act, or brag.

Venus Opposite Saturn in Vedic Astrology

There are always lessons and challenges with Saturn but with this aspect, Saturn is challenging the Sun in a way that demands to be balanced. Leo Sun with Aquarius Saturn might need to balance the demands of the self vs. Sun Opposite Uranus: Change is halted or out of control for this individual. Progress is always met with blockages or chaos. One must come to terms with their individuality and with change. Many times Uranus overtakes the Sun in Square, with Opposition Uranus is sending messages to the Sun, pushing the emphasis on individuality. Not a rule by any means, but a common phenomenon.

Sun Opposite Neptune: Neptune blurs the identity OR the Sun has a hard time reaching their intuition and subconscious. This is a sensitive individual who finds it hard to understand that sensitivity. The ego and intuitive self need to meet and embrace each other. Sun Opposite Pluto : Self-destruction, hard to satisfy, passion and indifference constantly battling, and fears involved with the possible polarity of the signs consume here! Balance is important to the oppositions, take a moment to look at the House for this aspect.

The House in which Pluto is in may be key to an area of release that is helpful in building balance.

How the Jupiter Saturn Cycle Works

Creativity may be a good place to start in dissecting these two powerful forces. Sun Opposite Ascendant: Insecurities surrounding the Rising can exist, one could easily be pushed around, and one could see their identity go against society, their own spirituality, and authority. They may rely too much on others to define themselves. There is more of a focus on getting to know the Rising and embracing it.

Can get distracted from goals easily with what the ego wants. This can make things frustrating and one might avoid their goals. An Aries Sun may never find contentment until it understands cooperation and overcome relationship or self love wounds from a Libra Chiron. Taurus Sun could have a calm exterior but trauma associated with Scorpio Chiron makes them guarded and suspicious, they pull back even from their earthy Sun traits.

Sun Opposite Juno: The ego is at odds with how one becomes attached.

Jupiter opposite/square Saturn - Astrologers' Community

This person can also feel held back in love. This feeling is coming from frustration between Sun-Juno. Sun Opposite Ceres: May always be too busy taking care of others to care for self OR is overly demanding in the nurturing they receive. But there is introspective power here, if Ceres and Sun can be balanced this person has a lot to teach others in healing and caring. Sun Opposite Vesta: Escaping stresses on the ego will be hard. What helps them to relax and reflect may surprise others or even themselves.

Sun Opposite Pallas: Impostor syndrome may be here just like the Square, but even more so they have a hard time getting others to recognize their skills and talents. Their conflicts of identity vs.

The Houses Impacted by Saturn

There can be a lot of will behind their talents or knowledge. They will need to work harder and scream louder to be recognized. Sun Opposite Lilith: Oppositions can actually harness vitality between two opposing placements, and here in the Lilith this is very true. This is a powerful placement with intense negativity but also intense overcoming. These natives for better or worse have strong natures and can be fairly intimidating especially if Pluto or Saturn are dominant planets or chart rulers.

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These natives tend to battle constant theme of the chaos within structure which powers many of them towards personal self discovery or complete destruction of their entire personalities into something more. They are mentally quick and immensely agile in all forms regarding the masses.

The difference between the more positive aspects and negative is the distinction between the id and the ego. The lighter end are reinvigorating and healing towards the masses a almost spiritual deconstruction of structure while those with the more negative aspects are the sole destroyers of the unjust and the unfair-the seek rehabilitation through exposure and truth and will almost seem like tyrants because of these strong desires. Those in their generation with this aspect are said to be in a time of social and political upheavals! A time of restructuring and war a time of truth.

Ex Mr robot- USA channel. This is a generation full of curiosity and buoyancy. Both positive and negative aspects here operate similarly while those with the conjunct can be almost spiritually unlimited and open to the very cosmic itself! Ex the left overs-HBO. These natives are often hazy but yet eerily defined. Ex Feud-FX. Be it there spark and their young minded enthusiasm or be it their connectivity and openness to the world of spirituality while also being immensely detached and out of reach of it.

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