March 30 equinox astrology

Available for Android and iOS. Equinoxes don't have exactly 12 hours of day and night all over the world, like many believe.

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Such days do happen, but depend on the latitude of your city. Full Moons had given names in many ancient cultures.


The Full Moon names we use today often reflect nature like Harvest Moon. When do seasons begin and end in the two hemispheres? All rights reserved. Menu timeanddate. Tweet Follow. Radically fulfilling kinds of love and aesthetics can be very uplifting at this time, particularly while extreme types of tests are occurring and being stretched beyond the limits in love related matters. Eccentric love may erupt with this aspect. This is the time to work on pent up frustrations with loved ones and to reconcile differences by loving and accepting variation, giving freedom and slack to our loved ones.

Venus sextile Uranus can encourage us to break useless tendencies and habits, and also may bring an opportunity for love related matters to transcend the restriction of unmet personal needs. This Moon emphasizes issues of control - whether that means taking control or letting go of it where needed.

The waning Capricorn Moon reminds us not to give up, to persist as the mountain goat does, and to find a way to overcome the steep and rocky roads. Capricorn Moon gives moods a serious undertone of needing and wanting to take hold of our goals and create results. Saturn ruled Capricorn emphasizes time and the timeliness of important events. This may be a time to address impending deadlines. Life is so serious with Capricorn Moon in its last quarter state; it reminds us that in order to be in control we must let go of that which we can't control.

Attached to success? How important is success to you? Persistence wins overall where there is a stubborn drive to excel. While Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces, we have had to apply a lot of caution and extra fuss with regard to artistic and recreational needs and with keeping track of our beliefs. We have also been made aware of ongoing disputes over the necessity for religious tolerance, sanctuary, and recreational practices.

Complete information on Aries, the first sun sign in the zodiac.

Now we can breathe a greatly needed sigh of relief as Mercury, the planet governing the realms of communication, is stationary and will soon begin to move forward. Take note that our faculties and manner of communicating will definitely improve within the next few days.

Although perhaps not today - when the stationary Mercury often freezes communication efforts - but very soon, our communications will run more smoothly; this will be a good time to begin clearing up various misunderstandings that have occurred over the past few weeks. Mercury represents how we process information and communicate.

Mercury retrograde is a term that describes an orbital shift as it moves backwards through a sign. Technically it only appears to move backwards through the degrees of the zodiac from our geocentric view. Astrologically, this is a time of communication related setbacks, reiterations, or inconsistencies — particularly the first few days going into and out of the retrograde period. Mercury retrograde periods take place for an average of three weeks at a time, and will occur on the average of three times a year. The momentum of our focuses may need that extra push to meet deadlines, insure smooth transitions, and to complete tasks with a sense of doing things well.

Mercury is still pulling out of a stationary position as it has only gone direct since yesterday, therefore, extra concentration will be useful. Come evening, the void-of-course Capricorn Moon is trine Mars.

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This will give us the impetus to wind down our focuses with favorably firm and swift action. The night brings an Aquarius Moon and we are inspired by brilliant thought, innovative or scientific approaches to life, and the desire to improve our way of life to make things run more smoothly. There are numerous ways to apply knowledge — to acquire it, to use it, and to pass it on. The waning Aquarius Moon focuses our moods on the need to let go of outmoded ways of doing things.

Not all knowledge is necessarily an improvement of our way of life, but when our newest knowledge hands us something worthy of change, Aquarius Moon moods are there to allow us to embrace that change for the better.

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  • We are finally beginning to think and communicate more clearly now that Mercury has gone direct, since March 28th. The Aquarius Moon assists us to apply our knowledge more wisely. There are always people among us who need to be educated in some way. It is a brave and kind thing to show someone the proper way of doing things instead of judging them for not knowing something.

    Of course, it is also a risk, they may be obstinate, prone to violence, or they may have a disability or disease that prevents them from doing things a certain way.

    Rare Super Worm Moon On March 20 Will Impact Your Moods And Affect Your Decisions

    The important thing is to make no assumptions. Ask questions, be polite, respectful, and then apply your own knowledge accordingly. If someone is endangering others, they need to know it. If someone is creating a disturbance, they may need help. If someone is grossly applying inappropriate behavior, they must not be tolerated without a very good reason. We are all teachers, and we are all here to teach each other. Pass on the knowledge! Gemini people will experience heated thoughts, potential challenges with anger and fevers, and will most likely endure extended surges of energy and strength.

    go site When the energy is harnessed, action manifests as oral or written communications — and all of these expressions will have a fiery and inspired flare. The mutable air sign, Gemini, is geared towards curiosity, an interest in the details, and a perpetual drive to talk or think things through. When the unrelenting force of Mars transits Gemini, there is a restless and eager thought process at work; we seek answers by actively driving our thoughts through the grind mill of mental and verbal repetition. This is where rebuttals are fired up with headstrong shrewdness and people will be inclined to pick a heated argument.

    While Mercury is retrograde March 5 - 28, we must be careful not to make enemies out of good friends; be not hasty to speak before thinking of the consequences of words. Mars is action and the tone of our words is also a play of our actions. As a general rule, Mars In Gemini helps to stimulate and activate dual perspectives, making it more difficult to take sides.

    March Is The Beginning Of The New Year In Astrology

    Forces may seem scattered and restless for some people at this time. Other people will find that Mars In Gemini sharpens the perception of insight, and these people will stand out through their clear outspokenness. Overall, Mars In Gemini will assuredly get us talking and it will open up the springtime with a lot thoughtfulness and communication. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?