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She also has a bit of a smug look on her face. Secrets are a big part of February as well, and these are secrets of the High Priestess.

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They will help move you on your life path, but you will need to go out and find them. Qe see in the High Priestess that she is not moving any time soon. We also have this stabilizing energy of the number 2. You may have to wait for it, and the information may be held by another party. As much as you are putting some fire into your goals and getting your hands dirty with them, you also are in a bit of a hurry up and wait pattern as you wonder who is holding the trump card you need to move forward?

Who knew that 2 could give us so much to work with? Although this is a lot of energy, now we are going to talk about how to use this in your daily life to win in February Like The High Priestess, the power of 2 in February is taken from a more passive form of strength. Yes, you are going after your goals. But no, you are not charging in.

Keep your cards close to your chest this month as you build partnerships, foundations, and get closer to your goals. Information is powerful and you will know what you need and when to use it when the time is right. And just soak it all in. Observe, like The High Priestess.

Most of it is small potatoes. For now, just watch, and learn. Silent partnerships are big in February. You could be part of one, or want to be a silent party in many experiences this month. When tempers crop up around you, just stay silent and diplomatic.

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You get power this way this month. Being kind, understanding, diplomatic, makes you the strong silent type that everyone wants to work with and love. That means being flexible.

When something goes upside down one day and wrong side up the next day, just roll with it. The shape of the number 2 is a very strong but flexible line. Stay strong and just breathe your way through life. And Venus is beautiful.

The Luckiest Days of the Year to Do Everything, According to Numerology | Reader's Digest

Venus is in Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn for most of this month, so you get strength from her in both work and money areas, and also in love! When we say stay pretty, we mean it. This is not the month to get caught without deodorant or lip gloss. Sensual Venus in work-bound Capricorn, a commitment sign, is an exciting time to attract partnerships of all kinds. You just never know when wiley Venus is going to get her saucy ways into your life.

Stay pretty. Because you just never know. Keep your cards close to your chest, always be collecting information this month because information is power. Be flexible and diplomatic when change energy arrives. Smile pretty. So many themes of creativity, abundance, wealth, beauty, and love. Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes and Daily Tarot to make sure you are doing everything right in February Otherwise you will end up achieving nothing despite your enviable abilities to come up with them and people will dismiss you as a talker rather than a do-er.

Numerology & the Number 2: What February Means

You are likely to travel a lot during your lifetime and will meet many people along the way and although you may have friends in many places you may feel you lack really close ones. The answer to this is not to clip your wings and stop moving around but to work on your authenticity.

You can be a bit of a chameleon taking on the characteristics of other people and you need to connect to your own identity if you want to grow close connections rather than superficial ones. This can often be the result of being told in childhood that you have to behave in a certain way. The result in adulthood is that you are not longer sure of who you are and as social success is important to you, you will become a mirror for others in order to achieve this rather than being yourself.

You are usually a person who enjoys city life and are therefore likely to reside in one more than other numbers. Your number means that during your lifetime you are likely to cross paths with crooks, con artists and criminals and possibly socially. As a child you probably learned to talk at a very young age but often your number means you were fussed over by a parent with the result you may be obsessed with tidiness and personal grooming as an adult. You will also be very house proud and want your home to look good — just in case you get unexpected visitors.

You will also redecorate, refresh or upgrade your home in some way regularly. However, be aware that others may envy what you have as your number often indicates someone you invite into your home will take something belonging to you. In your relationships you need intellectual as well as physical attraction. Yours is the number of attracting opposites when it comes to relationships and the close friendships you do make.

If this happens to you and you start wondering what you are doing with someone so different to you, step back and use your analytical abilities here. You may have more than one marriage in your lifetime and you are also the number most likely to out-live your partner so do make provision as you get older for what you would do if you spend the final years of life alone. You will make do with what you have at the time and wait and work for things to improve. A great many people who are a 5 get a great deal of satisfaction from working out of home or having their own business.

Travel is an area you would enjoy working in but whatever you choose it has to offer you mental stimulation otherwise you will quit and move on to something else. You love an audience so some kind of role that puts you in front of one or in the public eye is also a possibility for a 5. In particular, think about your parent of the same sex and if you are living out their ambitions or an image they had for you, rather than your own. This is your life — so live it!

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