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Venkatesh Name Meaning

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Venkatesh Name - Meaning & Details

Headaches can be activated by Shwetha Twinkle Khanna is a U. She is a soft natured, loving girl who loves to help people in distress, but cannot stand it if anyone lies or cheats.

Initially, when these two meet, she mistakes Seenu to be a mute and pities him. Swetha's occasional friendlier association with Seenu, in the means of helping, gradually blossoms into love. By this time, it is too late for the guilt-ridden Seenu to disclose the truth as he feared the risk of losing her. Despite all his efforts to reveal the truth, Swetha comes to know of his sham by herself.

However, at the end, she realizes Seenu's true intentions for acting as a mute and forgives him. However at the climax, when Swetha asks Seenu to speak to her, he keeps silent because he had asked a doctor to cut his tongue so that he could be what Swetha had come to love. Music composed by Mani Sharma. All songs are blockbusters.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seenu Theatrical release poster. Super Good Films.

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