Karmic astrology birth chart

This Karma astrology is calculated by your date of birth. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Whatever you did in your past life, however you lived in your past life, the way you dealt with people and situations as well as how you expressed your personality is the reason why your life is the way it is today. Your circumstances of today are a result of your actions and behavior from a past life. With astrological calculations, you can discover the energy that looms over you relating to your karma.

Karmic Astrology is the analysis of your sun sign horoscope chart that shows you the state of your present life Karma. Based upon the positions of the planets and how the planets transit one another on the day, month and year of your birth, you will be able to find out what your karmic situation is. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Press, Virginia Beach , Categories : Astrology. He ended untouchability, fought for women's rights and religious pluralism. Here we see both Venus and Jupiter active.

Indication of Karma Found Within the Natal Astrology Chart

But, the fight for religious freedom and tolerance led not only to violence carried out by others, but to his assassination by one of his own,3 Jupiter bullets Mars to his chest Mercury at point blank range. His assassin thought he was too passive. He didn't do well in the court room because he was too shy or passive to speak up when he needed too.

Non violence at all costs and even being a strict vegetarian is extremely passive. Withholding food from himself to make a statement is also passive to an extreme that could lead to death.

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During his years in South Africa he did build some Martian muscle, learning to stand up for himself but still refused to be assertive enough, for example, to seek justice in court for a wrong done to him. When he encouraged people to violate a law, that included passively taking the punishment too. Pluto represents needed change but is also extremism, compulsiveness, use or misuse of power and lord of death, taking over Saturn's traditional role, at least in part. This house span describes perfectly, his fight for independence and equality. It is the axis of generation and regeneration.

The value system can be taught inherited or self determined and includes our sense of self worth. Taurus wants to acquire for the sake of the acquisition and the pleasure it brings.

Scorpio wants to share what is acquired with others, to bring deeper meaning to life. Taurus enjoys sex for personal reasons but Scorpio uses it to constructively build the next generation. The stubborn will of the bull uses his power to create a pleasurable environment but Scorpio wields power for it's own sake, when each side acts independently from the other and have not been integrated.

Astrology birth chart

The bull can't be pushed but he can be led. The serpent or scorpion will bully his way through life, if used negatively. Also, when out of balance, he will hurt himself rather than give up that power to sting altogether. He was so not acquisitive or possessive that he was willing to starved himself rather than take up arms Mars.

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But he contradicted this by recruiting his people to enlist in the army as combatants, yet secretly Scorpio said that he would never do harm to another person. Hypocrisy can be a part of this karmic axis. He compromised his original beliefs of non violence but wanted others to do the violence instead of participating himself. Fasting as a form of protest could be read as not valuing his own physical needs. But, pushing others to do what he wouldn't do himself is valuing himself more than others.

He refused to use violence under any circumstances and violence took his life. He valued peace with Muslims more than he valued safety for Hindus. He valued non violence more than his own life. Mercury in Scorpio can give depth to the mind and understanding but also can describe one that is secretive and shrewd. Venus is in her detriment here and can add secrecy and jealousy to the love nature, but this position can be used to value others as or even more than oneself. This may be the crux of his karma to be worked out. We can love another and not want any violence.

But, if we favor the non violence to the extreme that we sit by and watch violence imposed on someone else by those that we refuse to fight, then our love is misplaced or misused. That is loving the abuser more than the abused. He also stated that he believed the "white race" should be the predominant race in Africa. So, right there shows he didn't completely believe in the equality of all humans. He saw himself and fellow Indians as inferior. This is a misguided Venus. Pluto can signify an abuser, also use or failing to use and the misuse of power.

Mars is the vehicle that represents the energy needed to use power, as well as courage. If he were afraid of the consequences of violence, of using his own power, that could also explain the karmic imbalance. Jupiter, I'm sure, represents some lucky breaks along the way. He can act like a guardian angle but also supplies faith. This axis is complicated by the fact that Moon is at the apex of a t-square.

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

Fixed aspects are the most stubborn and difficult to change. But when it is a t-square, it shows a very stubborn imbalance. If something is in the seed planting, early stages, there will be an emphasis on the cardinal signs.

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If one is still able to change, is flexible and adaptable then the mutable signs will be shown. But, when something has become habitual, the fixed signs take over. Moon is acting as the translation of light.

Section dedicated to Karmic Astrology

She is carrying the light of Mars and translating that to Jupiter. If we saw Moon as his mother, this would fit her making him promise to stand by the strict vegetarian diet when he went to England for his education. Mars would represent animal foodstuff and the square could represent abstinence.

PAST LIFE Horoscope - How to Calculate it? [Karmic Chart]

Of course, the opposition and square to Jupiter could involve doing so for religious purposes. Jupiter in Taurus would clearly represent the status of the cow in India. Moon is translating aggressive Martian energy or issues as a religious issue. At the risk of upsetting all my vegetarian friends out there, I must say that we are what we eat and if we refuse to eat any meat, might that make us more passive, assuming meat would be the most masculine type of food?