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Russell Grant Video Horoscope Aries December Friday 14th - video dailymotion

A piece of antique furniture or a painting that catches your eyes could be a wise investment. A pleasant surprise is likely in the form of a message from a long-lost friend. Your help will be invaluable to someone who is struggling with a difficult job. You can see that they are feeling the pressure and you will do what you can to ease their burden. Friends are glad of your sensible approach to problems and your constructive advice. A workmate will want to put new plans into immediate action.

Someone who has been testing your patience needs to be confronted. Confusion that has caused some upset in a close relationship was because of a lack of communication. Misunderstands have been on both sides so neither of you will benefit through trying to lay the blame. A number of issues cause you apprehension. You may have had no intention of dealing with them but circumstances will see that you do just that. It will be a relief to get an unpleasant matter out of the way. Neither is a colleague.

Tuesday 03 Dec, 12222

Together you can grumble and whine and put the world to rights and this will make you feel better. You have a few things to check out before making a big decision. Your mind will be much clearer by Thursday and this will help you analyse recent problems and come up with some great solutions. Once a disagreement is settled, you will feel much better for it. You could find yourself in the right place at the right time to take advantage of a great opportunity. A series of small coincidences will lead you in the right direction.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Aries December Friday 14th

Be sure to act quickly if you hear of a lucrative career opening. Someone from your past will be getting in touch to pass on some interesting information but the question is: have they got their facts right?

You have been giving a lot of your time to a social project or fund-raising enterprise. Some home improvement plans deserve more thought even if you hate the idea of the mess this is likely to cause. You are groomed for stardom now that your talent has caught the eye of an experienced and confident mentor.

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Watch for signs pointing you in the right direction. Not everything will be clear so stay watchful and use every opportunity to your best advantage. Romance leaves a lot to be desired.

You might feel you are doing all the giving and your partner is offering little in return. Instead, try talking about your feelings. You need to be more open if you want this relationship to last.

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Splashing out on something new is likely to be an investment. A relative might offer to do you a special favour. Although you have set plans for the week and you could do with some time to work on your priorities, other people will keep distracting you in the nicest possible way. Unexpected weekend guests could cause a minor panic and it may be necessary to send a housemate to the supermarket while you raid the freezer. Link to our site! Email: Pass j :. Free Trial! Consult the I Ching And hear a special interpetation. Born to Be What were you born to be?

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