Hurdles in life vedic astrology

The life is mortal and no one can get rid of this universal truth. Hence, everything needs to happen in the life at the right time.

Be it marriage or be it professional career, it is extremely important that we pay utmost attention to complete everything with far less time. The Delay in marriage can be a cause of many issues in life. However much we may work hard, the destiny has a different story for us. It is obvious that the fate is not at our disposal.

The marriage is the part and partial of our life.

Hence, the timely marriage can make us not only happy but also it becomes easy to educate and settle our kids. As we know marriage is an important and sublime event in our life, it is always better to tie the knot at the right time.

Astrological Remedies for Overcoming Delay in Marriages

Sometimes, we put our effort heart and soul. However, the marriage remains a distant dream. Both boys and girls become frustrated since marriage is not taking place despite since effort. In fact, what are astrological reasons for the delay in marriage? The planets in the birth chart are the sole cause of late marriage.

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Every time we propose, but God disposes. Now, I would like focus on the planetary reasons of delay in marriage. I have explained 6 reasons of getting delayed in marriage. Everyone is eager to get married as early as possible. Planets that keep unmarried lifelong — No Marriage in astrology. The marriage is a lifelong journey that survives on love and trust. Almost all of us are eager to get married sooner or later. Some get married sooner and some tie the knot very late in life.


It is seen some rarest case that both boy and girl remains unmarried throughout life. The emotional relationship and coital affair is both mental and biological necessity. However, sometimes the cruel hand of destiny does not spare you. The unmarried state becomes a curse.

The life remains painful till the last breath. There has been a lot of transformation in the Indian matrimonial affairs during last two decades. The Indian marriage system had been prevailing conservatively. However, the rapid globalization and urbanization and presence of western culture have changed the mindset of not only young boys and girls but also parents. Most of the parents are open to give independence to their kids with regard to marriage.

Planetary Remedies

However, the marriage is always made in heaven. However much you may try, you are destined with either a bad marriage or good marriage. Extra marital affair and marriage in Vedic astrology. The lifestyle have been changed quite a lot during last couple of years in the advent of not only high-end movies and TV serials but also internet enabled smartphones.

The people find their love on the go. The Facebook, Twitter, Google search, LinkedIn and offices that are flooded with young people are the places where love and romance can happen almost instantly. The woman empowerment might be one of the causes of divorce and separation these days. The reign of male dominated world has been a story of bygone days.

During last couple of years the womenfolk have been developing by leaps and bounds. They have been excelling not only in the field of education but also job, business, profession and career etc.


However, there have been spates of divorce, separation and marital discord due to various reasons. When women are burnt alive for dowry?

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Hurdles in Professional Succes

Simply they believe that marriage is the union of mind and heart. If we stick to the Vedic traditions, surely marriages are divine phenomena. Of course, human love has a cosmic significance and an element of destiny to it. My some clients even laugh on this proverb…and add further…If marriages are made in heaven, then post marital experience is hell on earth.

Vedic Astrology has ample literature on various aspects of marriage. Vedic wisdom believes its importance in worldly as well as spiritually inclined canvas. It is predestined but can be deciphered to an extent through astrological lenses.

Why Remedies Do Not Work

Marriage is a major landmark in life and Vedic Astrology reflects all aspects of marriage in depth. The most important planet for marriage in case of females is Jupiter and in case of males is Venus. Saturn has a major role in the delay of marriage. At the same time, it is very complicated to decide at what age a marriage should be performed and at what age it looks like late marriage. The new age civilization has changed the priority and ego of marital institution.

We have started giving importance to other factors of life over marriage. Unfortunately, due to various factors marriages can sometimes be delayed. Why marriages get delayed and what remedial measures are needed to avoid any delay? Mostly delaying factors are: career oriented efforts, higher qualification, family responsibilities to be fulfilled before being married, highly choosy, in search of a better partner etc.

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